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Surabaya Restaurant & Dolphin Donuts


New Surabaya Restaurant  Dolphin Donuts

The Surabaya Restaurant opened in August 1988 and has recently been renovated changing its name to be New Surabaya Restaurant & Family Lounge. The ambiance of the restaurant is artistic and uses tiles from coconuts wood to help create this warm ambiance. The fully air-conditioned restaurant offers a variety of European , Chinese, Japanese, Seafood and a touch of Minahasa traditional cooking . The prices are reasonable and we are open daily from 8:00 AM until 11.00 PM, on Sundays & Holidays.

Dolphin Donuts Restaurant, Café & Bakery has recently opened in Manado. Located on Sam Ratulangi, the main street in Manado, it is a good place for getting in touch with your colleagues, business partners or just a family night out. Also fully air-conditioned, the design of our dining room is friendly where you can relax and enjoy our Special Pizza, Spaghetti, and other tastes of European, Chinese & Indonesia cuisine, Pastry & Bread in all varieties plain and sweet, filled or unfilled, is what you can experience at Dolphin Donuts. We are open 7:00 AM until 11:00 PM even on public holiday.


New Surabaya Restaurant
Jl. Sarapung 33 Lt I
Tel. (62-0431) 859077/862562
Fax. (62-0431) 858088
Dolphin Donuts Resto, Café and Bakery
Jl.Sam Ratulangi No 51
Tel. (62-0431) 859840/859841
Fax. (62-0431) 858088